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The Summit will take place online in the comfort of your own home. During the period from July 5 to July 9, 2023, you will receive a daily e-mail at 12:00 pm CEST with the links to the respective video contributions. These links will be available for 24 hours.

You will receive your login details to the members’ area directly after you purchase the package and can view all content there without limitation from the start of Summit (July 5, 2023).

You will receive the Summit Guide via e-mail the day before the Summit starts. You can also find it for download any day during the Summit on the respective Summit page. Of course, you will receive an e-mail link to it.

If you have purchased a Summit package, you will also find the Summit Guide in your members’ area for download from the start of the Summit.

We have created a special affiliate program for you, where you can register as an affiliate partner and receive a commission of 50% on each Summit package sold. You’ll find all the information here:

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Alternatively, you can access the current day’s videos at

YES, the summit is 100% free via this form. There are no hidden costs – neither now nor later.

All interview videos are available free of charge for 24 hours within the Summit period.

If you’d prefer unlimited access to all interviews, you can buy a Summit package here instead.

On our Summit site you’ll will find the schedule with the individual speakers below.

The interviews of the day are available to you free of charge from 12:00 pm – 11:59 am CEST on the following day (24h). This allows you to stay flexible throughout the day and watch exactly the content that interests you – at the time that suits you best.

All you need is Internet access and the device of your choice (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Every day you will receive an e-mail with the access links to the respective interviews.

The e-mails with the links to the respective day are automatically sent in the morning. Unfortunately, we have no influence on whether your e-mail provider classifies our mass mailing to all participants as spam and blocks it, which could be a possible reason why the daily mailing does not reach you.

It could also be due to the security settings of your e-mail program. Maybe you have the possibility to check them.

It is also possible to access the daily interviews via Use this link to find the individual speakers and can then click on the unlocked videos of the day.

You’ll find an overview of the current speakers at further down on the website under „Schedule & Interview Topics“. 

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The Vaccine Detox Summit will feature 25+ interviews of approximately 40-60 minutes each. This totals approximately 1,500 minutes.

With either the Basic or Premium Summit packages, you are free to choose when you watch which interviews.

With the Premium Summit Package, you can watch all the additional content such as daily workshops, detoxification protocols, e-book, etc. at any time, several times and for an unlimited period of time.

During the Summit period, 5 videos per day are unlocked for 24 hours, for free. If you already know that you won’t have time to watch all the videos during the Summit, you can secure unlimited access to all content after the Summit  HERE.

After purchase you will immediately receive an e-mail with your login details to the online members’ area. There you can log in and enjoy unlimited access to all interview videos and a summary manual.

Please ensure your e-mail address is spelled correctly. It can sometimes take up to an hour before you receive a confirmation e-mail from our shop system.

The reply from our shop „BODY-MIND-SOUL“ may also be in your SPAM or junk mail folder.

If you do not find an e-mail there either or your e-mail address contained a typo, please contact us at: [email protected]

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