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Dr. Jessica Rose
The COVID vaccines: hazardous ingredients and problematic manufacturing standards

This interview was accessible on 08.07.2023,12:00 pm - 09.07.2023,11:59 am, CEST.

Dr. Alina Lessenich speaks with Dr. Jessica Rose about:

  • VAERS, “Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System”
  • 5 million adverse event reports related to COVID vaccinations
  • 40,000 reported deaths
  • incomprehensible ignorance in politics and science
  • the risks of lipid nanoparticles, which are seemingly not approved for human use
  • DNA contamination of the vaccines, presumably due to financial savings in the production process
  • the production of faulty proteins that can lead to autoimmune diseases and cancer
  • the influence of environmental toxins on the human organism
  • a paradigm shift away from pharmaceutical products towards naturopathic and alternative treatments

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