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Dr. Pierre Kory
Therapeutic approaches to Post-COVID and Post-Vaccine-Syndrome

Dr. Alina Lessenich speaks with Dr. Pierre Kory about:

  • the typical symptoms of post COVID and post-vaccine syndrome
  • the underlying causes of these symptoms
  • the pathophysiological mechanisms of these diseases
  • the therapeutic approach to post COVID and post-vaccine syndrome: the most effective drugs and supplements, their dosage, combination, duration, etc.
  • the effectiveness and importance of ivermectin treating these diseases
  • the deliberate suppression of ivermectin as a therapeutic agent (“The War on Ivermectin“)
  • the falsification of studies on ivermectin
  • the complete takeover of the most important medical journals by the pharmaceutical industry
  • new therapeutic approaches to treating post COVID and post-vaccine syndrome

LINKS & Downloads:

VISIT THE FLCCC WEBSITE – ALLIANCE  (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance)

BOOK War on Ivermectin



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