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Dr. Robert Malone
Censorship and 5th generation warfare: our path to a better future

This interview was accessible on 07.07.2023,12:00 pm - 08.07.2023,11:59 am, CEST.

Dr. Alina Lessenich speaks with Dr. Robert Malone about:

  • Malone’s experience of the increasing censorship of doctors and scientists who
  • doubt the official narrative
  • the COVID vaccination as gene therapy
  • the suppression of repurposed drugs to treat COVID-19
  • Malone’s book “Lies My Government Told Me and the Better Future Coming”
  • “mass formation“ as an explanatory model for the fact that a large part of the population went along with the COVID measures
  • mis- and disinformation and fifth generation warfare
  • “Conscious Communities“ as a new model of society and possible solution for positive societal transformation

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