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Dr. Stephanie Seneff
The connection between the spike protein and neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration

This interview was accessible on 09.07.2023,12:00 pm - 10.07.2023,11:59 am, CEST.

Dr. Alina Lessenich speaks with Dr. Stephanie Seneff about:

  • the path of the spike protein from the deltoid muscle to the brain
  • exosomes as transport vehicles for the spike protein
  • the spike protein as a “prion-like protein
  • prion-like proteins and their role in diseases such as Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • glyphosate, molecular mimicry and what this means for our immune health
  • our toxic environment and how this leads to suppressed immunity and thus to susceptibility to viral and other diseases
  • natural ways to promote healing such as nattokinase, sulphur, methionine, cysteine, taurine, MSM, herbal medicines, grounding, sunlight

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Podcast LISTEN NOTES: Dr. Stephanie Seneff – Glyphosate, Sunlight, MSM, MMS

Podcast Dr. Stephanie Seneff – Glyphosate, Sunlight, MSM, MM


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